Rafting and kayaking for experts

Most of the popular tourist destinations that offer kayaking and rafting are not really suitable for professionals. Tourism operators focus on casual adventurers and even first-timers, thus maybe neglecting the attention of experts that are not as profitable. But in some cases, both species of adventurers can coexist. One great spot for that is Soca River, Slovenia. Kayaking is very popular along the whole length of the river, with rafting focused on the dynamic rapids of the upper part.

Professional kayaking

On the Soca River, Slovenia, kayaking is often done professionally. There are marked and equipped courses for slalom and racing, with many other options along the whole length of the river. The upper part is welcoming for adrenaline junkies that want to experience the thrill of fast rapids and narrow passages, dotted with canyons, bridges, and other sights along the way. The other advantage of this area is a wide selection of tourism services, especially equipment rentals and transport. That’s why on the Soca River, Slovenia, kayaking is really convenient and fun!

Expert rafting

Soča rafting is just as thrilling and just as diverse as kayaking. It is limited to the upper part of the river, which offers the perfect combination of natural potential and tourism related services. There are many guided courses available, which can be of interest even to the seasoned veterans. But Soča rafting offers much more than that – it is possible to rent the equipment needed and plot your own course down the river. There are mini rafts for two or three people, as well as the big rafts for whole groups. Of course, you can bring you own equipment and just enjoy the Soča rafting experience on your own terms. The experts will surely know how to make the whole thing unforgettable!