Below the Surface

Surely, some of you have thought about exploring Slovenia’s cleanest river Soca. Maybe you thought about renting a kayak, Bovec has got many of those on hand. It would be great to see the surrounding nature in all of its beauty. But what happens if you take you swimming mask, your flippers and your protective suit and take a dive into the freezing water? What will you see below the surface?

Flora and Fauna

The main thing you will notice are the clear water fish. The typical representative is the trout, which was quite close to extinction decades ago. Now, the species have recovered beautifully, so you might also come upon an occasional fish hook. The trout however is not the only kind of fish there; the river also gives a home to species like grayling and rainbow trout.


It is likely you will come across some people during your exploration as the river is a paradise for water adventures. On your way, you might very well see a boat or a kayak. Bovec offers many opportunities for water sports such as Soca rafting and canyoning, so you are destined to meet a few adrenaline junkies. In Soca, rafting is usually quite bumpy, so make sure a rampant raft does not hit you on your leisurely dive. When you get tired of swimming maybe join a group in their Soca rafting or jump in a nearby kayak. Bovec is also beautiful above the water surface, guaranteeing a nice view above as well.