Where to go for rafting and canyoning?

Many outdoor activities require a suitable environment, especially those that can only be done on water. You’ll need a good river for rafting and a convenient canyon for canyoning. Of course, not every canyon and river will do, so it’s worth checking out the options that really stand out in this regard.

One of the attractive options for rafting is definitely Soca rafting Slovenia offers a great ambient for rafting in the Soca valley, where the main attraction is the river, joined with the local towns and a wide range of services for tourists, including Soca rafting. Slovenia is becoming a popular tourist destination among those that want to have the best possible experience on their rafting trip, which is why it’s also constantly developing its offer. For Soca rafting, Slovenia has one especially attractive destination, which is Bovec in the Soca valley.

If you’re visiting the Soca river, canyoning is also an option. Of course, canyoning is not done on wide rivers, smaller streams are more common. But that’s exactly the advantage of the Soca river, canyoning can be done on many of the river’s tributaries, while the river itself provides the perfect backdrop for demanding adventurers. In this way, you can take advantage of everything on offer in the Soca valley! Around the Soca river canyoning is a really unique experience, guiding you deep into the primal nature, over many difficult natural obstacles of the canyons. Canyoning can be quite difficult, but is still completely safe and enjoyable, which is the responsibility of the professional guides. That’s another advantage of the Soca valley – it has a wide offer of outdoor activities, so you can expect a wide range of options for canyoning as well, both for beginners and for experienced adventurists.