The variety of activities on the Soca river, Slovenia

If you’re into thrilling adventures, there’s just one place to be during the summer – that’s the Soca river, Slovenia. Kayaking, rafting, canyoning, and other experiences are waiting for you, you just have to take the chance and do it!

For some activities, the river is very suitable along the whole length. And that’s why the river offers a wide variety of different experiences. On the Soca river, Slovenia, kayaking can be anything from calm and scenic to thrilling and even competitive. You just have to pick the right spot and enjoy the offer. There are many options to choose from, so on the Soca river, Slovenia, kayaking can definitely attract all kinds of adventurers.

If you’re after an adrenaline rush, you’ll want to go to the upper part of the river, into the Soca valley. That’s where you find an even more extensive set of options, the most popular being rafting and canyoning. Bovec, Slovenija, is the perfect location in this part of the country. It offers all kinds of activities and attracts all kinds of visitors. Not only with kayaking, rafting, and canyoning, Bovec, Slovenija is also a popular destination for foodies and other unorthodox travellers. It has everything you might need, so it’s perfectly suited to host you for the entire summer if you want. But of course, do try some of the activities while you’re there. The notable rising star among the activities is canyoning. Bovec, Slovenija, is a good starting point, as you’ll find all the guided tours in the offer of the local agencies. The tours include all the necessary equipment and two-way transport, as well as the professional guidance, of course. The perfect way to discover the natural beauty of the Soca valley!