Selling Your Sea Beauty

Are you tired of your beloved old boat? Do you no longer have the patience for her constant repairs and expensive maintenance? Do you just need some extra money in a short amount of time? Undoubtedly, your ocean queen has served you well, but if you feel it is time to sell it, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips on how to sell it fast and for a good price.

Last Minute Maintenance

If your boat has any mechanical issues, broken parts or fouling from the last few seasons, make sure you fix that right away. The cost of antifouling a boat, as well as the cost of repairs, will be nothing compared to the extra money you will be able to get if your boat is in good condition. The cost of antifouling a boat is usually a big issue when it comes to boats, but there is no way around it. Antifouling must be done in order to sell your boat, but if you are being smart and invest in an ultrasonic antifouling device you can drastically lower the cost of antifouling a boat.


Make sure your boat is properly cleaned when buyers come to see the vessel. Set an occasional bouquet of flowers around the place, throw in some decorative pillows and make it look nice. Special gadgets, such as for example a fuel scanner, will also make a good impression. If a buyer will see a fuel scanner on hand, he will automatically start thinking about the money he will save in the long run. Small things like that could influence his decision about the purchase. Small gadgets like a fuel scanner will not cost you a lot of money but can be a factor in the process of making a choice, so make sure you have at least one or two of such devices.